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The Hitchin' Post

Welcome to the Hitchin Post Steakhouse, or as the people of Fredericksburg like to say “willkommen!” We are delighted to be a part of Fredericksburg’s famous food and drink culture. Fredericksburg is rich with history. The Hitchin Post has a unique history as well, and we are proud to share our legacy with you. Food is a fantastic way of sharing one’s culture with others. Nothing brings people together like good food, and we strive to embody our Texas heritage in the food that we serve.

A Brief History of the Hitchin Post of Ozona

The Hitchin Post Steakhouse of Fredericksburg is our second restaurant. The original Hitchin Post is located in Ozona, Texas right off of I-10. The structure was built in 1950, and was originally a sheep barn owned by E.H. Chandler. The Chandler family undertook the project of converting the existing structure into a restaurant and club. Debi and Pat Hamilton purchased the structure in 1992 and moved their business there. Debi came up with the phrase “Texas comfort food,” which perfectly describes what we do.In 1994 Debi and Pat had a daughter named Emalee. She grew up in the restaurant and is passionate about the business. Debi’s son, Matt Mecke, served in the United State’s Army for eight years. Upon returning home to Ozona in 2000, he played a vital role in helping Pat and Debi run the restaurant. Sadly, Pat passed away in 2010, but his legacy lives on at both Hitchin Posts.

In 2014 we purchased a food trailer and have since catered many events such as weddings, parties, conventions and to thousands of workers in the oilfield. That is where we got the idea for the rocking HP logo, and we will definitely continue rocking out delicious food wherever we go! If you have an event that is in need of some delicious food, please let us know!

A Brief History of the Hitchin Post of Fredericksburg

In 2016 Debi moved to Fredericksburg to semi-retire, and Matt stayed in Ozona to run the restaurant. Debi would periodically go back to help. However, as she likes to say “I missed all of my chaos.” Fortunately, the opportunity to open the second Hitchin Post came to fruition in 2020, and we are excited to be a part of the Fredericksburg community. Our general manager, James Burton, has been integral in running the restaurant here in Fredericksburg.                  

The Pasta Bella building next door and the Hitchin Post buildingused to be on the same property lot. Pasta Bella was a tin factory, and Hitchin Post was the warehouse for it.

In 1897 Peter, John and Joseph Schandua deeded the property to Henry Schandua for $200. The footprint for the Hitchin Post building was established in 1915. In 1944 the Henry Schandua Estate deeded property to Emil J. Schandua and his wife Clara for $3500. The property stayed in the Schandua family until 1986.

Fredericksburg is a City of Living History

Fredericksburg is a beautiful and unique place. People from all over Texas and even the world come here for the shops, wineries, and of course the restaurants! The city was founded by German settlers in 1846. One of our favorite of the many historical stories is that of the People of Fredericksburg and the Comanche Nation. In the town square there are several bronze statues commemorating the treaty between the Comanche and Fredericksburg. The plaque there is titled “Lasting Friendship.”

John Meusebach was a German settler and a founder of Fredericksburg. He and the Penatuka Comanche Chief Santana share a peace pipe while a standing Comanche chief watches. On May 9, 1847 the People Of Fredericksburg and the Comanche Nation signed a peace treaty which is thought to be the only lasting peace treaty with Native Americans in United States history.

There are two museums in Fredericksburg. The National Museum of the Pacific War and the Pioneer Museum. The Pioneer museum is a great place to learn more about the fascinating history of Fredericksburg.

Diversity, Texas Heritage and Good Food

Food brings people together. It does not matter where in the world you are; people everywhere have to eat. Whether we gather for a holiday, a BBQ, a date, or at our favorite steakhouse the underlying factor is good food. When we share recipes or cook for one another we are sharing our culture and passing on our legacy.

Fredericksburg is a melting pot of different foods, cultures, drinks, ethnicities, and even languages. We are so proud to have the opportunity to add our Texas comfort food to the mix. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy your time at our little steakhouse.

Written by Emalee Hamilton

A Note from the Author

Mom and I sat in this restaurant several years before we made it the Hitchin Post. We spent the entire time talking about how we could make it a great HP, and a few years later the opportunity presented itself. As Mom likes to say "speak your wishes to the universe and they will become your reality."